Hello world!

We are so excited about our new website. Check back often because we’ll be making updates to the website such as video, new pictures of exciting cases that we’ve done, and of course more blog posts. Please check us out on Facebook and if you’ve visited us before, we would love for you to leave a comment about us on Yelp.

3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. World-Class. Interesting website.

  2. Donna Davis says:

    Hi DR WU!

    Ill be in sooon again for my cleaning , but i wanted to say YOU are the MOST gentle AMAZING dentist in my 44 yrs.

    I was living in AZ! I called to CA to Spectrum and Dr WU answered , i had questions about an ill fitted crown i had done 2 yrs before.

    After an hour i et him know i was moving to IRvine and would come to HIM . He was SURPRISED i showed up and fixed that bad fit crown in ONE HR and i had a real Porcelain crown and NO PAIN.

    Ive since had 3 more crowns and soem filling since then and HE IS THE ONLY DENTIST ill EVER go TO.

    I will mention I am also disabled from a spine deformity and his staff Always Makes sure Im comfortable as sitting is hard for me

    He gives fast and superb treatment alwasy EXCEEDS my expectations each visit

    I ALSO HAVE TMJ AND the Dr is real PRO is handling that too.

    Donna Davis

    • spectrumdentist says:

      Hi Donna,

      how are you, just a reminder the address is now 14976 Sand Canyon Ave. you’re going to like our new setups. Hope to see you soon.

      Dr. Wayne Wu

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